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Behavior Modification

When dogs have unwanted responses to specific situations or stimuli, dog trainers use a behavior modification approach to change those responses.


Whereas obedience-type dog training seeks to teach your pet to respond in a certain way to specific commands, behavior modification training explores the underlying reasons for the dog’s inappropriate response and then seeks to change it.


How Behavior Modification Can Help

If you’re like most dog owners, you observe your pet’s behaviors – both wanted and unwanted – without looking too deeply into their origins. When your pet exhibits unwanted behavior, you might take steps to try and make it stop. Although this can work in some cases, other situations require professional behavior modification training.

Dog trainers understand the importance of looking more deeply into the reasons that underly the behavior. Getting to the source of the problem allows us to resolve the issue from its core, rather than simply addressing the symptom.

What are the Benefits of Behavior Modification?

Some of the most common reasons that pet owners seek out our canine behavior modification training include excessive barking, digging, resource guarding, reactivity, and even mild fear or anxiety. We work with these and virtually any other types of unwanted canine behavior.

We design our behavior modification for dogs around your specific needs and goals as well as the needs of your pet. This is an immersive, board-and-train program with a typical duration of six to eight weeks. In addition, we include private lessons with you, to help you understand the issues and how to manage them after the training program concludes.

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