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Immersion Program

Immersive board-and-train programs from Zenith K9 are the perfect solution for a variety of needs and goals.


You might hear similar programs called “dog boot camp” or boarding training. Whatever you prefer to call it, our immersion training allows us to provide around-the-clock care and attention. In this one-on-one type of setting, dogs don’t have the typical disruptions of everyday life. They have the trainers undivided attention, putting them on the fast track to results.

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What is the Immersion Program?

In an immersive training setting, dogs live with the trainer 24/7. This is an intensive approach to dog training that is transformative for the pet. Our programs are designed around your specific needs. We take the time to get to know you and your dog, and work closely with you to design a program that will achieve your goals for obedience, socialization or whatever objectives you want to achieve with your pet.

What it looks like from your side is as simple as it is delightful. You drop your dog off with us. Four to six weeks later, you pick up a completely transformed canine companion.

At Zenith K9, every board-and-train client also receives private lessons as a part of our service. These intensive, one-on-one sessions give you the knowledge and tools you need to continue your dog’s progress once he’s back home.

Why Choose the Immersion Program?

We recommend this type of dog training approach to clients in several specific scenarios.

  • You aren’t able to do the desired training yourself. You might have a very busy schedule, or you might simply prefer not to take on this potentially daunting task at home. You might have a new dog that lacks basic house or obedience training, for example. Drop your pet off with us and we can handle the entire process.

  • You are experiencing unwanted behaviors. Maybe your dog has separation anxiety or doesn’t get along with other dogs. Maybe your pet lacks basic manners or obedience. Maybe he even has some mild behavior problem you would like to address. An immersion training program can help with virtually any type of behavioral issue you can imagine.

  • Your dog has not been properly socialized. Immersive training is perfect in this scenario. We have a variety of experience-rich environments and stimuli that enable us to make up for any lack of socialization – both human and canine – your pet may have experienced in the past.

Another great time to consider this program is if you’re going to be traveling and would normally be boarding your dog anyway. Bring him to us for boarding and training, and you can achieve two goals at once.

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