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Perfect Puppy Program

This program is composed of a quick yet intensive series of private lessons for puppy training. This training program is the perfect solution for busy people and those who want something more than group classes, but who don’t want to send their new pet away to a board-and-train program.

Three French Bullgod Puppies

What is the Puppy Program?

Few life experiences can equate to the joy of bringing home a new puppy. But with that amazing experience comes more than a few challenges. Puppies require a substantial amount of time and attention. They require careful socialization with people and other animals. They need formal training for housebreaking, crate training and basic obedience.

The reality is that few people have the time or the dog training knowledge to accomplish these goals.

Through a series of six private puppy lessons, our jump-start program gives you the tools you need to successfully incorporate your new four-footed friend into your home and family.

What are the Benefits of the Puppy Program?

At Zenith K9, we developed our exclusive puppy training program to address a need that has been, to date, largely unmet. If you got a new puppy, you could sign up for group classes at a pet store or dog training facility, or you could drop your new furry friend off for puppy boot camp. In between these two extremes, there were few options.

Our program lets your pup stay at home with you during this critical bonding period.

In a series of private lessons, we get to see the interaction between you and your new pet. We can address specific situations that you encounter, answer your questions and help you learn how to communicate with your pup. We help you establish consistency to ensure that you get the maximum value from puppy training.

Beagle Puppy
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